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10sPortal.com Joins TIA as Technology Business Member

Jun 15, 2015

To help tennis providers manage and grow their businesses, the Tennis Industry Association is working with technology development companies that offer “software as a service” (SaaS). The newest partner is 10sPortal.com, a web-based suite of highly integrated tennis-club management software services.

“What matters to us is what matters to tennis facilities—creating happier members through better club management,” says 10sPortal.com Chief Executive Officer Alberto Genty. “We don’t just sell software; we are a vehicle for our customers’ success. When we enable tennis clubs to operate in the most efficient and smartest ways possible, tennis club staffs are empowered with more time and decision-making power to improve overall club-to-member experiences.”

Genty began developing 10sClub Manager, 10sPortal.com’s club management solution, in 2007, to provide facilities with tennis-specific software features so they can grow their facilities and membership base and do more with the same amount of people on staff. 10sPortal.com now has facilities in virtually every segment of the market. “2015 is our big breakout year,” Genty adds. “We are as excited to work with the TIA as we are to partner with each of our customers to bring about the best experience for their members. Everything we do is to help to grow the game.”

“The software as a service industry has been growing at a very rapid pace,” says TIA Executive Director and COO Jolyn de Boer. “In tennis, there are now many companies that offer business solutions, including software platforms designed for tennis providers and facilities. Our goal and opportunity is to research and highlight these companies and services offered so facilities and providers can determine which of these services best fit their needs and hopefully save time and money in the process.”

Approved TIA Technology Partners, such as 10sPortal.com, will become part of the family of TIA Recommended Software and Business Solutions, and also receive membership benefits and services to help the facilities, retailers and providers using their specific technology product. The TIA maintains a network of thousands of facilities, retailers, and tennis businesses that can utilize SaaS products in their daily operations.

For more information, contact TIA Business Manager Brian O’Donnell at (843) 473-4504 or brian@tennisindustry.org. To learn more about 10sPortal.com and see a demo, visit the website or contact 866-393-5620.

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