FFC Capital Ventures Launches New Website

13 May, 2019

FFC Capital Ventures has announced the launch of its new website. The goal of 2019 is rebranding the look and image of the company to reflect the power and pursuit that they are willing to explore for their clients.

According to company literature, “FFC Capital Ventures are game changers in the financial industry. The company philosophy of wealth empowerment through financial education and strategy gives control back in the hands of the individual, business and estate. FCC has a team of experts from various segments of the finance and tax planning world, and together the staff is making a difference by bringing change to the way things are traditionally done. It's not about just taking advice, but rather being educated to make the decisions and utilizing strategies, not just products. FFC is a company built on values like faith, family, finance, fitness, and fun. The company states that it is serving individuals, business owners, athletes (future, current and former) sports agents. special emphasis given to mortgage brokers and loan officers, P&C brokers and agent, tax professionals and firms."

FFC Capital Ventures was founded in 2005 and has built a reputationin the financial space as an educator and now in the sports world. FFC Capital Ventures notes it has been helping individuals, businesses, and athletes understand money and strategies to keep it for over a decade.

Founder Rob Welsh challenges athletes to “Reach out to us and see the difference for yourself. One call could be the difference maker. The financial service industry and the different sectors don't communicate with each other and thus confusion on where to turn and what to believe. We have created a team with you in mind that takes the confusion out by bringing the industry together and making it work hand in hand, without bias, allowing us the ability to help individuals, families, businesses, estates, and athletes on so many levels.”

Welsh adds, “ We are excited about this as it's not just the team but how we do things and we have you in mind by taking the complex and making it understandable without bias, through our education-driven approach that gives the control to you through empowerment.”

FFC Capital Ventures notes that its system and utilization of savings and tax strategies allow people to get ahead, save and keep more. Businesses love us for helping them reduce their tax liabilities now and in the future.

Athletes love to keep their money, and that's no easy feat as they pay tax where they play. FFC notes, “Utilizing our team of experts and strategies, we can help keep over 80% of the tax money they would have paid.”

FFC founders claim they are dedicated to making sure that every athlete, agent, team and financial advisor knows that FFC is ready to partner with them, and that ”It is about the success on the court and at home.”,


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