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Tourism is a $1M a Day Business in Montgomery, Alabama

Oct 06, 2014

The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitor Bureau (MCVB) released new numbers reflecting the significant economic impact of tourism on Montgomery’s economy. Based on data research, the total dollars generated in visitor spending on a typical day in Montgomery equals $1,305,525.00.

The MCVB used data research from Young Strategies, Inc. and a monthly lodging report created by Smith Travel Research, Inc. This is how the numbers break down:

  • 80 total hotels = 6,815 total rooms within Montgomery County*
  • The city is currently running a 62% occupancy rate = 4,225 rooms sold each night*
  • Those 4,225 rooms are sold at an average daily rate of $75 = $316,875.00 daily hotel revenue*
  • Each travel party equals 2 people,  4,225 X 2 = 8,450 travelers each night**
  • The daily estimated dining expense is $67 X 8,450 = $566,150.00**
  • The daily estimated shopping, auto fuel and activities expense per travel party is $100 X 4,225 = $422,500
  • The total daily visitor spending = $1,305,525.00


*Smith Travel Research, Inc.

**Young Strategies, Inc.

“Tourism IS economic development and produces a significantly high rate of return for this community,” says Dawn Hathcock, vice president of the MCVB. “Over the last few years, the Chamber’s Convention & Visitor Bureau has maximized its resources and created a strategic marketing and sales plan to recruit visitors to the capital city and our latest lodging numbers are evidence that this plan is paying off.”

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