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Report: Tennis a $5.57 Billion Business in the U.S.

May 06, 2013

Forget the $6 Million Man. Tennis in the U.S. is a $5.57 billion business, according to the latest edition of the State of the Industry report, just released by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA). That represents a 3% increase in the total tennis economy from 2011.

The third edition of the TIA State of the Industry report compiles data from 2012 that the TIA collects through its more than 70 annual surveys and research studies. The State of the Industry report takes a top-level view of a variety of trends and segments in the industry to tell a comprehensive story of the tennis industry.

The report is organized in four sections:

The Economy and Tennis - Including comparing trends in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Consumer Confidence Index to overall trends in the tennis economy.

Demand - Highlighting participation trends as well as playing habits of the industry's key revenue driver, frequent players. The section also includes frequent player spending on tennis equipment and goals for industry growth.

Supply - Manufacturers, Retailers, Facilities, Court Contractors, Teaching Pros, Media, and Organizations comprise the supply/service side of the tennis industry. The State of the Industry highlights trends in wholesale shipments for manufacturers, trends affecting the tennis retail market, tennis facility performance data, business trends from court contractors, and the current state of the tennis industry from the perspective of teaching professionals.

Competitive Tennis - This section highlights competitive tennis at the recreational, collegiate, and professional levels, including participation, attendance, prize money and sponsorship trends.

This report is available to Industry Level members of the TIA and above. For info on becoming a member and receiving instant access to the report contact us at

About the Tennis Industry Association: The TIA was founded in 1974 as the American Tennis Federation. Currently, the TIA is comprised of nearly 800 member companies, organizations, and tennis businesses. Our key efforts are focusing on providing the industry with market research, growing frequent players, enhancing communications & positioning of the sport and industry, and unifying the industry under one brand — Tennis. The TIA Board is represented by the leading manufacturers, organizations, associations and businesses that are representative of the tennis industry as a whole and dedicated to working together to build the brand of tennis. For more information, go to


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