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Major League Triathlon Becomes First Sporting Event to Give Out Payments in Bitcoin

Dec 17, 2018


Major League Triathlon (MLT) has announced what is being billed as ‘a revolutionary partnership’ with Bitcoin for Major League Triathlon Charlotte, the 2018 MLT Championship event.

MLT and have teamed up to ‘showcase the ease and efficiency of Bitcoin Cash’, which will be the official cryptocurrency of Major League Triathlon Charlotte.

For the first time ever, will pay out athlete prize money in cryptocurrency – namely, Bitcoin Cash. The top five overall male and female splits in the mixed team relay event will receive their payout while they are on the podium, in real time. This process will allow athletes to receive their prize payouts within seconds of receiving their medals.

A release from MLT noted that ‘The partnership further solidifies MLT’s commitment to innovating within the sport of triathlon and bringing non-endemic brands into the sport… The championship event in Charlotte is projected to be MLT’s biggest race of the season, and fans will be treated to world-class racing.’

“This partnership is a really special one for MLT,” said Daniel Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer of Major League Triathlon. “Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in the world right now, and there is no question that it provides a significant amount of benefit to the end user. With other major professional sports leagues across the globe beginning to bring crypto into their sports, it is a huge step forward for MLT to partner with a world leader in the cryptocurrency market.”

Gergo Szoke, Marketing Manager at said “MLT is a great partner to showcase the everyday usability of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), bearing in mind our goal of worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency. We see BCH as the future of money and MLT as the future of sports and triathlon, which makes for great synergy between our brands.

“Spectators at this great event will be able to experience the security and speed of sending Bitcoin Cash from one wallet to another when we give away podium prices on the spot.”

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