| February 9, 2017
Reminder to Event Owners: Save Those Tennis Balls for a New Surface   

A new partnership between two companies has resulted in the ability to recycle tennis balls and turn them into sports surfacing. More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Inside Events: USA Boxing   

Amateur boxing, which focuses on technique and scoring points (not on knockout punches) is growing, thanks in part to Team USA’s three Olympic... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
USA Football to Test Major Safety Changes   

Days before Super Bowl LI kicked off, and amid declining player participation and increasing safety concerns, USA Football announced radical changes... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Sports World Reacts to Trump’s Travel Ban   

Shortly after taking office, Donald Trump issued executive orders banning entry into the United States from seven majority Muslim countries: Iran,... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Bid Cities Racing to Clean Up Their Acts in Time for IOC Decision   

Following concerns about Rio’s open-water venues, candidate cities for 2024 are working to clean up their waterways. Some of the bait being dangled... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Big Ten Universities Now Compete in Televised eSports Leagues   

It’s no secret eSports is exploding. The $600 million global industry boasts its own professional league and is even vying for Olympic status. Now... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Calgary Explores Another Olympic Bid   

If everything old is new again, then Calgary is brand-spankin’-new. Canadian politicians remain “really interested” in a bid for the 2026... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
When Domed Structures Are No Match for Mother Nature   

We’re into the season of ice and snow (no kidding), and it’s driving sports events indoors in many areas of the U.S. But what happens when domes... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Fan Festivals See High Demand from Corporate Sponsors   

Sports festivals used to be an adjunct to competitions. Now, they seem to be the main attraction. No matter which sport, these events draw families,... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Market Saturation? Attracting Sponsorships in a Changing Climate   

When an event isn’t held because of problems with the venue, weather or other factors, it’s disappointing, but not the fault of the event owner.... More>>

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