Eau Claire to Host Annual National Kubb Championship

24 Jun, 2016

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, hosts the 10th Annual National Kubb Championship from July 8-10, 2016. All events will be held in Eau Claire Soccer Park (Craig and Hamilton).

The website for the event, with all details, is located here.

On Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26, team draws will be held and can be followed online on the UStream channel. On Sunday at 9 a.m., the Pre-Championship Tournament will be hosted by Team Kubboom - minimum two-player teams. No player may throw three batons in a row. Register by email pklages1@gmail.com

The schedule for Championship Weekend follows:
Friday, July 8:
all day: practice and friendlies  
9am-12:00pm: Kid Kubb (U.S. Junior Kubb Championship) 
5pm: Championship kick-off party at The Fire House

Saturday, July 9:
7-8:30am: sign-in  
8:45am: welcome  
9am: round-robin Group Play games start  
12:45pm: playoffs start  

Sunday, July 10: 
Final 16 teams advance to Sunday. The teams will be placed in groups of four with the other teams from their quarter. The top team in each of the four groups will advance to the semifinals. Schedule: Match #1 will start at 8:00am. All matches will have a 1 hour and 30 minute timelimit. Matches #2 and #3 can start when all four teams are ready, and they will also have 1 hour and 30 minute time limits. Semifinals will start after the group play. Semifinals and Final will have no time limit. Final and Bronze Medal match will begin immediately after the semifinals. The Bronze Medal match will be best-of-one.

Lodging Options: Some local lodging options that are offering reduced rates.
Playoffs: All teams advance to the playoffs. First round byes (if any) will depend on number of teams registered. Teams that win their first playoff match will continue in the Championship Bracket. Teams that lose their first playoff match will enter the Bronze Bracket. Teams that win in the round of 64 will continue in the Championship Bracket, and the teams that lose in the round of 64 will enter the Silver Bracket. The final 16 teams in the Championship Bracket will return Sunday morning. Saturday, round-robin matches have a 1 hour and 10 minute timelimit. There is a 1.5 hour timelimit in the first round of the playoffs. In the round of 64, there is a two-hour timelimit. There is no timelimit in the round of 32. All teams are guaranteed at least five total matches.

The 2016 Champion will have their team name and player names put on The Stapp King.

Charities: The U.S. Championship is also a fundraiser for Girls On The Run of Eau Claire County and We Help War Victims.

Food: Food will be served by Girls On the Run of EC County. No glass bottles are allowed.

Sponsorship opportunities and questions: Contact Eric Anderson: usakubb[at]gmail.com or 715.830.0122. Brochure

Information is available from usakubb@gmail.com.


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