Elite Sports Shooting LLC Announces Grand Opening in VA

21 Nov, 2014

One of the Nation’s Largest and Most Advanced Indoor Shooting Ranges to Bring New Jobs, Provide New Destination

Elite Shooting Sports LLC officially opened its doors this weekend, becoming one of the most advanced and largest indoor shooting facilities in the nation.  The brand new 65,000 square foot facility, built from the ground up represents an investment of $14 million, 50 new jobs and a popular venue destination for sports enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies, businesses and tourists, alike. 

Greg Wodack, Managing Partner, Elite Shooting Sports LLC, said: “We’re extremely proud of our facility and delighted to open our doors for customers to enjoy.   Today was made possible by the monumental efforts and coordination of hundreds of people, which is thanks to the strong business community and pro-business environment that can be found in Prince William County.”

Built from the ground up, Elite Shooting Sports provides clients 100 percent sealed substructures for proper air balancing, engineered safety features and the most advanced range equipment available.  The facility houses four separate ranges that operate independently - two 25-yard 12-lane ranges, one 50-yard 10-lane range and one 100-yard 8-lane range.  Each lane is 4 foot on center and expanded to 5 foot on center on the 100 yard lanes, providing optimal space for instructor and shooter.  The open-space environment is climate adjusted to 71 degrees year round and also includes a full-time gunsmith on staff, five classrooms, two customer lounges, dojo, café and 5,000 square feet space for additional retail.

In 2015, the facility will include a two level 1,600 square foot live fire-shoot house, which will be a significant aid in law enforcement training to practice dynamic entries, house clearing exercises and force-on-force scenarios.  A training simulator, which can be used with lasers or live fire, will also be programmed with thousands of decision-making scenarios for both law enforcement and civilian use.

To learn more about Elite Shooting Sports LLC, visit the facility at: 7751 Doane Road, Manassas, VA 20109 or click on: or  tel: (703) 335-2750.


  • Prince William County provides access to an outstanding talent pool of highly-skilled, culturally diverse labor; 41% of the workforce has 4-year degrees.
  • Located less than 20 miles from the nation’s capital, Prince William County encompasses a total area of 348 square miles and is the 2nd largest county in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • 75% of Northern Virginia’s 1.1 million workers live within a 30 minute one-way commute to the center of Prince William County during rush hour.
  • A pro-business community, Prince William County ranked #8 nationwide for job growth by CNN Money.  Over the past decade, the County has experienced a 57% increase in the number of business establishments.  
  • Prince William County carries a AAA bond rating from all three of the major credit ratings agencies (Fitch, Moody’s and S&P). 

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