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Crusher in the Tushar Schedules Anniversary Race for 2021

Jul 12, 2021

Life Time, the nation’s premier healthy lifestyle brand announced that their newest acquisition, Crusher in the Tushar, was canceled amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Crusher in the Tushar was acquired by Life Time at the end of 2019, and was originally scheduled for Saturday, July 11, 2020. Crusher will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021.

“In looking at balancing the safety of our riders, volunteers and the community in concert with guidelines, directives and what’s known and unknown, it became painfully clear that providing an experience that is up to snuff with our standards and yours just wasn’t going to happen in 2020,” said Burke “T-bird” Swindlehurst, Founder and Event Director of Crusher in the Tushar.

“While we are heartbroken to not be able to host Crusher in partnership with Burke this year for it’s 10th anniversary, the health and safety of our athletes, staff, volunteers and the community are more important,” says Kimo Seymour, President, Life Time Events and Media. “We know our riders have trained for months ahead of the event, and don’t make this decision lightly, but are excited to give everyone the event they deserve in 2021.”

The Crusher staff has worked closely with city and county officials to make the safest and most educated decision possible. Race directors considered the wellbeing of participants, friends, family, volunteers and local communities when making this decision. You can view Burke Swindlehurst’s full letter to participants here.

“Keep your chin up Buttercups and be nice to each other, because we’re all in this thing together. We will come out the other side. And we HAVE to make sure we’re better for it. Don’t think for one second I plan on letting the Crusher flame dim or flicker in 2020. You never know what I might have up my sleeve, so keep your eyes peeled!”, said Swindlehurst in a letter he sent registered participants earlier today.

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About Life Time, Inc. - As a wellness pioneer, Life Time is reshaping the way consumers approach their health by integrating where we play, work and live – all with the primary objective of helping people lead healthy, happy lives. In addition to its more than 150 athletic resort destinations in 41 major markets in the U.S. and Canada, Life Time also owns and produces iconic Athletic Events and is expanding its brand through Life Time Work coworking spaces and Life Time Living high-end leased residences. For more information visit

About Crusher in the Tushar - As a professional cyclist and lifelong Utahan, Burke “T-Bird” Swindlehurst retired from professional racing in 2010, and founded Crusher in the Tushar, turning a 15-year event concept of incorporating Utah’s tallest mountain ranges and surrounding valleys, into a reality. The 69-mile uniquely formatted race begins in historic downtown Beaver, the birthplace of famed outlaw “Butch Cassidy” and finishes at Utah’s newest ski and Summer resort, Eagle Point. Featuring a 60/40 split of gravel to tarmac gravel sectors, it affords riders the opportunity to explore the stunning back country of Utah’s little-known Tushar Mountains, Piute Counties and Fishlake National Forest. Life Time acquired Crusher in the Tushar in December of 2019, keeping T-Bird at the helm.

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