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Caryn Bradshaw Awarded Salt Lake Downtown Alliance’s Vasilios Priskos Honor Award

Oct 23, 2023

Caryn Bradshaw, Managing Director of Sports Salt Lake, was recently honored with the Vasilios Priskos Honor Award by Salt Lake’s Downtown Alliance. Each year, the Alliance recognizes extraordinary contributions to downtown’s vitality, safety and livability at their annual State of Downtown event.

The Vasilios Priskos Honors are presented to a downtown creator who typically works behind the scenes, a person that has made a big difference in a quiet way. Bradshaw has helped sculpt Sports Salt Lake, an initiative of Visit Salt Lake, and has championed Salt Lake County as an attractive location for sporting events.

“I am thrilled to recognize Caryn Bradshaw, a high-performing Visit Salt Lake team member, with the 2023 Vasilios Priskos Honors. Each of the 2020 Downtown Achievement Award recipients exemplifies what we can solve, accomplish and create when we work together,” said Dee Brewer, Executive Director of the Downtown Alliance. “Our downtown is better because of each of their contributions."

Bradshaw’s work to lure new-to-Utah sports events has made an enormous impact on downtown visitation in post-pandemic recovery. Caryn was also instrumental in a herculean team effort to convene stakeholders to ensure a smooth NBA All-Star Weekend for attendees and locals alike.

“Merging Caryn’s experience in servicing conventions with her passion for sports make her an integral part of our continued upward trajectory,” said Kaitlin Eskelson, president & CEO of Visit Salt Lake/Sports Salt Lake. “We were all delighted when the Alliance suggested recognizing her with the 2023 Vasilios Priskos Honors.”

“We are so proud that her many achievements that are being recognized by the larger community,” said Clay Partain, executive director of Sports Salt Lake. “Her hard work, dedication and focus are second to none.”

About the Vasilios Priskos Award: As a one-of-a-kind booster of downtown Salt Lake City, the late real-estate executive Vasilios Priskos died in October 2017 at age 53 after a long fight with cancer — leaving a big gap in Utah’s commercial real estate community and especially the dynamic world of downtown development.

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