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New Global Handmade Bike Show MADE to Debut in Fall 2023

Sep 08, 2023

Introducing MADE – – an industry and consumer bike event with a mission to bring framebuilders, media and makers together to elevate and inspire. The show will be located in Portland, Ore., with the debut in September 2023.

MADE is supported by industry sponsors and ECHOS Communications, a PR and marketing agency specializing in supporting cycling and active lifestyle clients. The show will feature events at Chris King, Speedvagen and Breadwinner Cycles, and the outdoor format creates opportunities for consumer demos and industry rides. Registration for MADE will open this September with confirmations already in place from Moots, The Pro’s Closet Museum, Bicycling Magazine, Paul Component Engineering, Mosaic, Bike Flights, Schon Studio, Speedvagen, Stinner, Abbey Bike Tools, Chris King, Argonaut Cycles, Breadwinner Cycles, WZRD Bikes, Retrotec, Btchn Bikes, Falconer Cycles, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, Tomii Cycle, Frontier Bikes, Bender Bikes, Monē Bikes and more.

“MADE is the next evolution of handmade consumer and trade events, creating a format that is inclusive, exciting and supportive,” states Billy Sinkford, VP, ECHOS. “The event will celebrate and support framebuilders and the culture that surrounds them, and our collective goal is to bring awareness to this segment of the industry. To that end, we will be offering free booth space to all builders for the inaugural 2023 year.”

Registration for the 2023 show will open in the Fall of 2022. In a new model, framebuilders will be provided booth space to offset the cost of exhibiting and make attending as easy as possible. In addition, MADE sponsor Bike Flights plans to offer free shipping of bikes for all exhibiting framebuilders.

What to expect from MADE:

  • 3 days of media, industry and content creation
  • 2 days of consumer-facing activations
  • 100+ Builders and domestically produced bicycle brands
  • Supporting component and accessory brands playing an active role
  • Outdoor venue with global sponsors
  • No cost booth space for builders
  • REVEAL Media Conference to broadcast show news to global media audience
  • Each builders bike will be heavily documented and shared via media channels, and integrated on year round, serving as a resource for consumers interested in purchasing a custom bicycle
  • Bike Flights will provide no cost bike shipping to all framebuilders
  • Media Selects For Launch (No Photo Credit Required)

About MADE: MADE is a show for the modern handmade industry – spotlighting framebuilders, domestic production and artisan craftsmanship. With an emphasis on community and inclusivity, MADE was built to provide the framebuilding community with an outlet for exposure and expression that elevates the craft.

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