Kingsley Field Duathalon Coming in September 2015

12 Aug, 2015

The Kingsley Field Duathlon will be presented on Saturday, Sept. 19 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Members of the Kinglsey Field Junior Enlisted Council are stepping forward to bring a new athletic event to the Klamath Basin.  More than a year ago they asked the community if they would like an event to replace an annual 5K run which had dwindling interest.  The answer was a professionally run, multi-sport event along the lines of a triathlon with all the national-level certifications that go along with it.

At the moment, JENC members are preparing the Kinglsey Field Duathalon, a run-bike event and the first of its kind for the Basin.

“There are a lot of people doing running events so the timing is good…the opportunity wasn’t just there, but really ripe for the picking,” said josh Nelson Owner Asana Yoga and Sole.

And Zach Gilmour, manager of Hutch’s Bicycle Store agrees saying, “It’s absolutely timely; the bicycle community is booming here, it was probably just a matter of needing someone to organize it and it seems like that is happening now.”

The event will stage out of the Running Y Resort, a high-end golf resort nestled in the surrounding forest, and is sanctioned by USA Triathlon, the national governing body for Triathlon and Duathalon rankings.  The JENC has partnered with local businesses and a wide group of volunteers to establish an event suitable for all ability levels.

Senior Airman Jared Boyer, JENC Chairman, is the driving force behind the event.  He has spent the last year turning an idea into reality.  Today, there are multiple committees comprised of JENC members each bringing their own part of the project toward the ultimate goal – a first-class race.

Boyer says the interesting aspect is that the idea didn’t stem from a desire to host a great race, but rather as a vehicle for leadership training.  “I’m trying to find ways for the junior enlisted to learn from a chief first-hand, to talk with a vendor first-hand, and to build relationships with this community first-hand.”

He expresses some surprise at just how well this is working as his team of junior enlisted people marshal a vast array of critical elements toward completion.

“The original thought just keeps growing,” he adds.  “It’s now becoming a larger, diverse group of people across the base, and not just the JENC who are doing this.  I’ve got people coming up to me and asking what they can do to help including some of the student pilots and people all across Kingsley.”

The work involved stretched well past the capabilities and resources of the JENC and is requiring the close coordination of local businesses, the chief’s council, Running Y staff, and a broad group of volunteers.  He notes that those things are all happening and the byproduct is every member of the junior enlisted counsel is getting real leadership experience.

 “The fact that we can sample some of the things that a chief or a commander or an officer does as a senior airman or an A1C is invaluable to our growth as leaders,” said Boyer.  “You know someone might only be dealing with T-shirts – but they are sending emails, working with the vendors and working with their chief.”

You can learn more about the event by visiting KingsleyFieldDuathlon.com


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