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Eugene’s Destination Skatepark: Ten Years in the Making

Feb 03, 2014

Ground has been broken, and construction is underway on the new Washington-Jefferson Skatepark + Urban Plaza  in Eugene, Oregon.

According to Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports in Oregon, the new part will be ready in the spring of 2014:

At 23,000 square feet, the park will have the honor of being the largest lit and covered skatepark in the U.S. With its location underneath the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge, the skatepark will be able to operate year-round, regardless of what Mother Nature dishes out. In addition, the Urban Plaza will provide an area for spectators of the park to relax, as well as offer additional space for a variety of community gatherings and events.”

Users can expect to see a blend of street and tranny-style terrain with something for all skill levels, along with one-of-a-kind skateable art including a river theme throughout to stay true to our area. The City of Eugene is adding other features at Washington-Jefferson Park aimed at increasing the overall security of the park, as well as bringing in people from around the area that may not skate. The new design includes the Urban Plaza, restrooms in a more visible location, vendor pads ideal for food carts, new paths, bike racks, drinking fountains, energy-efficient lighting, and well-thought out landscaping to provide improved sight lines. The features are all measures to increase the sense of safety at the park. Much of the existing infrastructure is being overhauled as well, with utility lines being replaced, and repairs being made to the electrical, drainage, and irrigation systems.

Take the construction, design, and repair, and then add in “soft costs” (things like project management and engineering), and the total project is expected to run around $2.5 million. The City of Eugene is covering around $2.2 million of the project, with the funds coming from parks system development charges (fees paid by developers when they construct new buildings or houses). The city also received a State Park and Recreation Department grant worth almost $175,000. Another $150,000 in cash and inkind donations have been raised by Skaters of Eugene Skateparks, The Downtown Eugene Rotary, and the Eugene Parks Foundation.

For more information about the new skatepark and about all Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports can offer, visit the website.

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