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American Ninja Warrior Returns to Oklahoma City

Feb 20, 2019

NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” is set to return to Oklahoma City for the 2019 season. The action-packed competition was previously staged in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol in 2016, which will be the location for its return visit.

The NBC series considered six cities for 2019 filming: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Oklahoma City and the Pacific Northwest. Cities are considered as a filming destination based on the staging and backdrop dimensions. Oklahoma was chosen yesterday based on the size, charm and historic look of the Capitol building. Filming is set for April 12-13.

Sue Hollenbeck, the Director of Sports Business for the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau, is looking forward to their return. “We are very excited American Ninja Warrior has decided to return to OKC. It speaks volumes about who we are as a state, city and community that they are coming back and we are really looking forward to the 2019 season,” said Hollenbeck.

Last year, “American Ninja Warrior” averaged 6 million overall viewers. In 2016, OKC gained approximately $4.5 million in media attention and 7 million viewership impressions. The large number of viewers is expected to continue in 2019 and will boost tourism in the city.

Hollenbeck said on Friday that this is a testament to all of the hard work that was attributed when the crew was first here in 2016. “It is also due to the dedication and quick action by our new Governor and new Lt. Governor to understand the value events like this bring to Oklahoma and Oklahoma City.”

The “American Ninja Warrior” production team consists of 200 non-local and roughly 50 local crew members. They will likely be in town for 10 days setting up, filming and tearing down. The final round will still be filmed in Las Vegas. 

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