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Bids Invited for World Flying Disc Championships

Feb 09, 2016

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has announced it is inviting bids for the 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships and World Ultimate Masters Club Championships.

Information on bidding can be found at this link.

The two events in the ultimate discipline are usually held at the same time but the sport’s governing body has decided to stage them separately in 2018 due to encouraging participation at the 2014 competition in Lecco in Italy.

A total of 129 teams from 38 countries competed at the World Ultimate Club Championships four years ago in the men’s, women’s and mixed events.

American teams monopolized the tournament as Revolver won the men’s competition, while the women’s title was clinched by Riot.

Drag’n Thrust, also from the United States, took the title in the mixed honors event. 

The Masters competition, meanwhile, attracted 33 teams in the men’s and women’s division.

The US continued their dominance at the event as Boneyard claimed the men’s masters title.

Canadians Vintage brought the American success to an end by winning the women’s masters crown.

The two events will be staged separately following the success of the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships and World Ultimate Masters Club Championships ©WFDF

The WFDF Board of Directors and Ultimate Committee have set a deadline of February 29 for countries to express an interest in hosting either of the two events.

Any prospective bids must be completed and officially submitted by April 30.

They have set July and August as their preferred dates for staging the competitions.

The bids will then be examined by the Events Sub-Committee and the Ultimate Committee, before final approval is given by the WFDF Board of Directors, who hope to announce the chosen hosts of both events by August 2016.

Around 32 to 48 teams are expected to compete in the World Ultimate Club Championships, the world’s largest premier club tournament  event for the ultimate discipline, in each division.

The sport’s governing body are hopeful between 16 and 20 teams will take part in the men’s masters competition, while the women’s tournament is expected to feature 12 to 16 teams.

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