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Inside Events: The 2022 Tuber Bowl™

An Interview with Sara Montgomery, West Mountain General Manager and West Mountain Racing Program Director
Mar 13, 2021 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher
Images courtesy of West Mountain, Queensbury, New York

The confetti had barely settled after Super Bowl when a new event popped up on the sports event radar: the 2022 Tuber Bowl™.

The event is an open championship in, of all things, snow tubing, and has the goal of just showcasing a venue and increasing use but bringing in tourism and generating awareness of what’s available in and around the Adirondack snow sports destination of West Mountain. And all anyone in the sports event industry could say, naturally, was this: "Why didn’t anyone think of it before?"

The event, which will take place on Saturday, February 5, 2022, at West Mountain, located at the foothills into the Adirondacks in Queensbury, New York, which has the stated goal of making this an annual tradition. Devin Singletary, former running back for the Buffalo Bills, has been a spokesperson for the event.

West Mountain will host the Tuber Bowl in its 10-lane lighted tubing park. The Tuber Bowl is expected to attract tubers, both competitive and novice, from all over and any age to compete. Public timed trials will be held on January 22, 23, 29 and 30 on designated lanes. Registered tubers will have their best of two-timed trials entered into the official timed-trials dashboard. Tubers with the top 20 times will advance to the playoffs, and the top eight times from the playoffs will then advance to the finals.

The top two times from the top eight will compete for the title of West Mountain Tuber Bowl Champion 2022 – but (as with the Super Bowl), there can only be one Tuber Bowl Champion.

The crowned champion will have their name engraved on the Tuber Bowl trophy (to be encased for display at West Mountain) and will receive an automatic berth to the 2023 playoffs.

The Tuber Bowl™ and Tuber Bowl Event at West Mountain will be produced by LIFT Marketing LLC sports and entertainment agency out of Saratoga Springs, New York.

SDM caught up with mountain officials to find out more.

Sports Destination Management: How long has West Mountain been offering tubing?

Sara Montgomery: In 2017, the tubing lanes were redesigned, and the new 500-foot magic carpet lift was installed.

SDM: It has been mentioned the Tuber BowlTM will be good for travel and tourism in the area. Can you elaborate on that?

Montgomery: It is a great way to bring attention to the tubing park at West Mountain, in addition, it is also a great way to bring new tourism into the area by providing additional activities for vacationers and adventure seekers.

SDM: How many people are you expecting?

Montgomery: 10,000 to 20,000


SDM: What are the tubing facilities like at West Mountain?

Montgomery: There are 10 lighted tubing lanes here for day and night tubing. There are four long/upper lanes, and six shorter/lower lanes.

SDM: What ages participate in tubing?

Montgomery: Tubing is for ages 4 and up and the runs are accessible by moving magic carpet.

SDM: Will there be any changes made to the facilities for the Tuber Bowl?

Montgomery: Yes, in addition to special enhancements to the runs and surrounding area to accommodate the event and fanfare that will surround it.

SDM: When can we expect to see more information released?

Montgomery: How the competition will be run, including details about public open timed trials, will be announced later this year. Sign-ups for public timed trials will begin in December 2021.

SDM: Are you hearing buzz about it already?

Montgomery: Interest is piqued and the announcement with Devin Singletary helped us spread the word. The announcement was the first of many details and special moments to come leading up to the event in 2022. Impressions, visits to the website and search terms are way up for tubing at West Mountain.

SDM: What are the facilities of West Mountain like?

Montgomery: During the winter, West Mountain offers beginner through advanced terrain and is open for day and nighttime skiing, riding and tubing. During the summer, West Mountain offers Aerial Treetop Adventures in the high-ropes course atop West Mountain; mountaintop picnic packages, mountain biking and hiking trails. Our wildly popular Outdoor Adventure Summer Camps will return in 2021. These camps sold out in 2020.At camp, kids explore the great outdoors with our amazing staff and adventure guides as they engage in activities including hiking, climbing and organized games and projects that will strengthen their bodies and minds.

SDM: How has COVID affected your operations?

Montgomery: The resort has been open throughout COVID-19 pandemic offering safe, outdoor and socially distanced activities. West Mountain has been diligently working on safety plans leading up to the winter season opening, including the addition of outdoor eating and seating areas, warming tents, grab-n-go food and beverage windows, additional outdoor restrooms and controlled capacity at the two separate base-lodge areas (Main Base Lodge and Northwest Base Lodge).

SDM: How can people stay updated on the event?

Montgomery: They can sign up on our website for more informationand they can also follow us on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand LinkedIn.

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