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Albuquerque to Host USA Roller Sports Championship Events this Summer

May 23, 2013
Inline Speed Skating, Rink Hockey and Roller Figure Skating Competitions and Events will be Featured During Summer Nationals

From July 13, 2013 - August 4, the Albuquerque Convention Center at 401 2nd St NW  will play host to USA Roller Sports events.  These will include inline speed skating, rink hockey and roller figure skating competitions and events during the summer nationals. The first week of the three-week event features speed skating and rink hockey championships and the second and third weeks include figure skating events. Competition divisions range from youth through masters level competitors in their 70s.

Speed Skating: USARS speed skating is a non-contact sport, requiring skaters to display their skills to maneuver cleanly through the pack and into winning position. Skaters are disqualified for pushing, blocking, forcing another racer out of position, or using their arms, legs, or hands in any way that impedes the progress of other competitors.

Rink Hockey: Two five-man teams (four skaters and one goalkeeper) try to drive the ball with their sticks into the opponents' goal. The ball can only be put in motion by a stick. The game has two 25-minute halves (for adults), with the clock stopping when the ball becomes dead. Each team has a one-minute timeout in each half. Each team has a minimum of six players (a backup goalie is required) and a maximum of ten.

Roller Figure Skating: The breadth of roller figure skating is reflected in the diversity of its members. Skaters of all ages can take an active part in the sport, finding any number of challenges to inspire them to reach their individual goals - from a beginner class to world-class championship competition. This diversity, both in appeal and participants, has made roller figure skating the largest division of competitive roller skating in the United States. Skaters enter events in one or more categories - Singles, Pairs, Figures, Solo Dance, Team Dance, Precision, or Show skating.

Information is available at 505-768-4575 and

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