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Fantasy Sports-Con Event Planned for Vegas

May 28, 2020

Fantasy Sports-Con will be the first multi-day annual convention celebrating all things fantasy sports. The convention will include panel discussions, appearances by athletes and sports personalities, photo ops, live podcast/radio/TV shows, sports activations, Esports activations, and after parties.  The conference will take place on June 19-21, 2020 at Ballys in (where else?) Las Vegas.  

Information is available at www.

"We aim to exceed the impact of the San Diego Comic-Con, an annual sold-out convention of more than 139,000 fans," said Alex Johnson, Founder and CEO of Fantasy Sports-Con, based in San Diego. "We have a unique ability to connect fans with the athletes and sports personalities they follow religiously. Fantasy Sports-Con is a community where fans can live their dreams of shaking hands and taking pictures with the players and analysts they love to watch, while sharing their favorite fantasy sports stories. Fantasy Sports-Con is a convention for fans by fans."

Fantasy sports is one of the fastest-growing sectors in sports with die-hard fans. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 59 million people play fantasy sports in the USA and Canada, up from 32 million in 2010.

"Fantasy sports platforms and major media partners have done an incredible job in the last few years to promote the industry. Dedicated live fantasy shows, radio stations, and podcasts are now a major focus within professional sports," he said. "We aim to give the media and the athletes a platform to grow their brands at Fantasy Sports-Con."

Sponsorship Opportunities for Brands

Fantasy Sports-Con has numerous creative opportunities for brands to engage with fans who have highly desirable demographics.

Fantasy sports players are young, educated, have higher household incomes and are more likely to have full-time employment. On average, players spend $650+ annually on league related costs.

The typical attendee will be an Instagrammer's dream. Roughly 70/30 split male/female, with a target age range of 21-35 (55%) and 36-55 (45%).

"At Fantasy Sports-Con, companies have an opportunity to position their brands as forward-thinking leaders in the industry," said Johnson.

For information about sponsorships and partnerships go to

Fantasy Sports-Con Is Unique in the Marketplace

There are no all-encompassing fantasy sports events. Sports award shows, like The ESPYs, are typically exclusive events and individual game ticket prices have skyrocketed. 

"Unfortunately, right now, there are few opportunities for fantasy sports players to connect socially outside of their own online leagues or to meet the industry professionals they love to follow," he said. "Fantasy Sports-Con fills that void for fans, players, and brands with an affordable option to leave the couch."

Opportunities for Professional Athletes

Fantasy Sports-Con offers a unique opportunity for professional athletes to build their personal brands away from their employers.

Professional athletes do not have the same brand recognition as other celebrities like musicians and actors.

The advent of fantasy sports has highlighted the athlete more than the club they play for, giving them more recognition than ever.

"Athletes are now entrepreneurs. The average career for a professional athlete is fairly short lived, but fantasy sports has helped athletes build a following outside of their club's fanbase, making them more recognizable so they have relevance after retirement," said Johnson.

Through Fantasy Sports-Con, athletes can generate revenue through a variety of ways. Radio, TV, podcasts and social interviews throughout the convention can provide valuable connections for athletes who seek careers in broadcasting.

Professional athletes who are passionate about their communities and causes can use Fantasy Sports-Con as a platform to raise money and awareness.

Fantasy Sports-Con complies with the new NFL policy on player appearances in gaming venues.

Advisory Board

Fantasy Sports-Con will rely on the expertise of key players in the sports and entertainment communities including athletes, front-office executives, event producers, and sports media personalities. Initial advisor board members include:

  • Andre Reed, National Football Hall of Famer, formerly of the Buffalo Bills
  • Michael Kirschner, former Executive for Madison Square Garden, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs
  • Tod Caflisch, former Technology Officer for the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Red Wings, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs.
  • Adam Mills, co-founder of Event CRU, a Live Event Production company that supported Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas

About Fantasy Sports-Con

Fantasy Sports-Con is a nonprofit dedicated to the education of the fantasy sports industry and a platform for its professionals to promote and grow their charities.

A portion of profits and money raised will be donated back to the attending athletes' charities and matched by partners.

For information on sponsorships, player appearances, media credentials, and tickets, go to www.

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