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Crossvegas Gives Fans VIP Treatment with Arcivr App

Sep 16, 2016

For the 10th anniversary of their World Cup event, CrossVegas is treating fans to an insider’s experience before, during and after the race with the Arcivr app. Fans, racers, media and sponsors can follow everything happening at CrossVegas by installing Arcivr on their iPhone or Android device, and joining the CrossVegas event. There they’ll see:

  • Real-time event details, schedules and maps

  • Ticket and merchandise links

  • Exclusive interviews, content and promotions

  • An interactive photo and video feed from fans, pros and the media

Every day, exclusive content — including interviews with past CrossVegas winners, course previews and up-to-the-minute race info — is added to CrossVegas’ feed for fans to enjoy and share.

Here’s what CrossVegas organizer Brook Watts has to say about Arcivr: “CrossVegas is an amazing event, there’s something spectacular happening event minute! I’m always looking for new ways to give fans an incredible experience and offer sponsors more value for their dollar. Arcivr offers both and is downright fun to use.”

It took all of five minutes for Arcivr CEO Chris Korbey to see CrossVegas as the perfect partner. “As a cross racer myself, I’m keenly aware of fans’ unending search for meaningful cycling info. I’m beyond excited that Arcivr will give fans an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at one of the most spectacular events of the season.”

About Arcivr: Arcivr brings the whole event to your smartphone. It's a simple, fully-integrated and customizable event app platform that culls the excitement of fans, pros, media and advertisers together in a single feed. Arcivr’s mobile apps and robust advertising and analytics platform is used by event organizers to delight attendees, track event data and boost sponsor value at concerts, tours, festivals, races and conventions worldwide. Learn more at Email:

About CrossVegas: CrossVegas is organized by Watts Marketing Inc. of Longmont, Colorado, and has become a fixture on the U.S. cyclocross calendar. It is the largest cyclo-cross race outside of Europe, attracting 12,000 spectators and racers from 20 nations to Desert Breeze Soccer Complex in Las Vegas in September. Complete information including schedule, hotel information, sponsorship and admission is available at Follow on Twitter @CrossVegas. Email:

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