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AGENDA Event Moving into Downtown Las Vegas

Oct 04, 2018

Agenda and Liberty Fairs announced plans to move out of the Sands Expo and Convention Center on the Las Vegas Strip to downtown Las Vegas, starting in February 2019. Adjacent to the up-and-coming Arts District, downtown Las Vegas “is the ideal home for the shows to continue to break the mold of a conventional trade show model to offer stand-out events, unique activations, and an overall elevated experience without limits,” according to a statement.

With added control over the show’s aesthetic and activations, the new location promises to offer brands, buyers, media, and industry influencers an experience unmatched by any typical trade show.

The Agenda Show showcases streetwear fashions across men’s sportswear, footwear, encompassing skate, surf, and lifestyle categories. Agenda Long Beach, its flagship show, will continue to be held in January.,

Liberty Fairs focuses on men’s fashion, where the progressive modern gentleman meets contemporary streetwear. Expect the same highly curated special sections of the show like Quest, Indigo, Pillars Lounge, and The General Store, accompanied by groundbreaking co-branded event efforts like Assembly. For the current year, Liberty Fairs held its men’s show in New York City in July and its dual gender show in mid-August in Las Vegas.

This new location gives exhibitors and attendees an updated platform to conduct business. In addition to convenience, expanded options in dining, lodging, and entertainment allow for more modern amenities with increased affordability.

Some of the upgrades include:

  • Freedom and flexibility for enhanced activations and programming
  • Complimentary Express Car Service from Mandalay Bay and Las Vegas Convention Centers
  • More affordable downtown hotel just steps from the show
  • Elevated dining options – Gourmet food trucks that cater to a range of food preferences, etc
  • Arts District adjacency to inspire and fuel creativity in our brands, buyers, and guests

“With Downtown Las Vegas shaping up as the ultimate gathering spot, we’re excited to host Agenda and Liberty in such a vibrant, creative location — giving our brands a new creative platform to share their brand story,” says Tony Shellman, Agenda Vegas event director. “We’re committed to not only continuing, but improving the high-touch customer service that both Agenda and Liberty are known for.

“We are always listening to our brands, buyers, and the Liberty community so we can provide the best possible show experience,” notes Sharifa Murdock, co-owner of Liberty Fairs. “This move to Downtown Las Vegas is our response. We are breaking boundaries, taking control, and igniting a new tradition. We did it with Cabana in Miami, which invigorated a whole new culture, and we plan to meet and exceed these expectations in Vegas for Liberty. The possibilities for us to continue to disrupt the traditional trade show model are virtually limitless.”

In addition to the new location’s many benefits, Agenda will be creating a new footwear area on the show floor for February. The new section will feature a variety of men’s and women’s fashion and lifestyle footwear brands which complement the brands currently exhibiting at Agenda and Liberty Fairs. “More and more footwear brands are asking for a more intimate exhibit space, with footwear, apparel and accessory brands all displayed together under the same roof for the convenience of buyers,” added Shellman.

Erick DeLeon, buyer for Martin Patrick 3, said, “As retail tries to be experiential it’s also important to engage buyers differently. That’s one aspect where Liberty has excelled and continues to push that boundary. We’re excited to hear of Liberty’s continued effort to create experiences and opportunities for brands to show who they are.”

James Lee, buyer for AWOL, said, “I think that the location move is something that will be good for not only the show but for buyers and retailers as well. The ‘trade show’ as of recent has been pretty dead. I think that the trade shows have just become repetitive in nature and experience. This move will give retailers and buyers a new experience to look forward to and what seems to be a more a lively aura.”

Ian Stonebrook at NiceKicks, added, “The best part about Agenda has always been the people. Conversing with old friends in the industry and getting to meet new people allows bonds to build and ideas to actually happen in real life. Refreshing the venue to downtown Las Vegas for a more modern setting is super exciting and reflective of the show and will only make all that better.”

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