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2016 National Intercollegiate Athletics Safety and Security Summit Scheduled

Dec 23, 2015

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) will host the 3rd annual National Intercollegiate Athletics Safety and Security Summit on January 26-28, 2016 at USM's Gulf Park Campus in Long Beach, MS. The Summit will address the critical safety and security challenges facing athletic department and local emergency agencies and help participants implement the "Intercollegiate Athletics Safety and Security Best Practices."

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Cost: $255 per person


Invitees Include personnel responsible for safety and security management such as:

  • Athletic Department representatives from Division I, II, and III NCAA institutions

  • Athletic Conference Offices

  • Bowl Representatives

  • Local/state law enforcement, government officials, emergency managers, fire/HazMat and Emergency Medical/Health Services

  • Invited Solution Partners

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in moderated discussions (round robin) for designated issues (manpower/resources, risk analysis, legal challenges, community politics, buy-in from local agencies and upper management, and financial concerns) within the following topic areas:

  • Event Day Planning

  • Crowd Dynamics/Management

  • Emergency Action Planning

  • Risk and Threat Assessment

  • Staff Development and Performance

  • Technology Use/Information Management

Summit Benefits:  

  • Study the critical issues and challenges in implementing the “Best Practices” 

  • Opportunities to examine threats, risks and countermeasures of identified major issues 

  • Insight on unique perspectives allowing for innovative, current and future-oriented solutions 

  • Strategies for organizational growth and development 

  • Solutions for event challenges in managing your safety and security organization 

  • Networking with thought leaders in intercollegiate athletics safety and security

  • Panels/Speakers of renowned leaders from different perspectives 

  • Continuous improvement through dynamic general sessions 

Full information is available at this link.  

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