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Granite Games Coming to St. Cloud, MN

Sep 10, 2013
Emerging Sport of CrossFit Will Draw More Than 600 Athletes

This fall, The Granite Games, a CrossFit competition, will take place in St. Cloud, MN from Oct. 4-6. The venue will be St. Cloud University Field House. CrossFit is an emerging form of sport/fitness that is growing nationally.

Nearly 600 athletes will be competing for prizes totaling over $10,000 in the Elite division alone, and organizers are guaranteeing spectators (or prospective athletes) an outstanding experience.

Divisions include Elite as well as AsRx, Scaled, Team and Masters divisions. Organizers are terming The Granite Games “the premier fitness competition of the North Central Region.”

For every ticket purchased, The Granite Games will donate $5 of the proceeds to CrossFit for Hope. In addition, it is hoping to set good examples for spectators and children by using role models to be Granite Games Ambassadors.  Along with the Granite Games, the mission of these ambassadors is to help inspire and support young athletes.

A blog on the event reads, in part,

“Our goal is to provide young people with the skills they need to be involved and successful in sports and fitness from childhood into adulthood. To further this cause, The Granite Games has created a scholarship program for youth. We are partnering with the Boys & Girls Club to provide an athletic program, free of charge, to young adults, which will expose them to world class training with a goal to help them acheive their fitness aspirations. They will be able to enhance not only their physical health and athleticism, but also leadership, cooperation, and work ethic. Our youth will be well-prepared for whatever life brings.”

Registration, sponsorship and organizational information is available at the home page.  

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