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Fargodome to Host Rodeo

Mar 13, 2014

Minnesota will be the home of the Wild West as PRCA Rodeo takes the spotlight at the Fargodome on March 28-29.

PRCA rodeo features professional bullriding as well as other activities.

The Fargodome is located at 1800 University Dr N Fargo, ND 58102, Moorhead , MN 56560. The phone number is 701-663-6098.

About PRCA: Unlike most other professional sports, where contestants are paid salaries regardless of how well they do at a particular competition, cowboys generally pay to enter each rodeo. If they place high enough to win money, they probably make a profit, but if they don’t, they’ve actually lost their entry fee and any travel expenses, so every entry is a gamble pitting the chance for loss and physical injury against the chance for financial windfalls and athletic glory. Also unlike most sanctioned professional sports, the hundreds of “playing fields” – rodeo arenas – of PRCA-sanctioned rodeos vary widely by locale. The size, shape, perimeter and roof/open top of an arena, as well as the chute configuration, greatly affect times for timed events and, to a lesser extent, scores for roughstock events. The differences are so significant that some timed-event cowboys own different horses for different types of arenas. For that reason, the most fair way to measure cowboys’ success in competition across the varied settings is by earnings.

The PRCA’s membership includes more than 7,000 cowboys and performers (including permit holders and contract personnel), the largest segment of the association’s membership – more than 5,300 of who are actively competing. This membership segment includes a full range of contestants, from cowboys who compete in professional rodeo for a living, crisscrossing the country with their own horses or equipment, as well as those who work at other jobs during the week and compete in nearby rodeos on the weekends. The PRCA includes two $3 million earners and more than 80 million-dollar earners, yet most of its competing members participate in fewer than 30 rodeos each year. Read more about individual athletes in the ProRodeo Cowboys chapter of this book.

Information on the event is available at this site

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