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Yaktrax and DryGuy Back Boston Freeride Event

Feb 29, 2016

Yaktrax and DryGuy, two long time sponsors of the US Ski Team, announced their sponsorship of the 2016 Big Air at Fenway event.

With competitors from around the world including Olympians Joss Christensen, Sage Kostenburg, and Ty Walker, Big Air at Fenway was a unique stop on the World Cup tour, bringing a sport more often associated with remote mountain towns to a heavily urban environment.

“Yaktrax and DryGuy are proud to have the opportunity to sponsor Big Air at Fenway,” said Greg Stryker, director of marketing for Yaktrax and DryGuy. “By bringing a sport more often associated with far away places and steep mountains, we feel this event will be a great opportunity to help grow the sports of skiing and riding by bringing it to the heart of Boston where people can experience big air for the first time.”

Big Air at Fenway centered on a snow-covered ramp towering 140 feet over center field. A cash purse of $150,000 was split among the event’s top finishers.

The two-night event took place February 11-12 and featured snowboarding Thursday night with freeskiing on Friday. More than 25,000 spectators attended, said organizers.

Yaktrax and DryGuy joined several other sponsors on-site at Fenway, offering attendees demos, giveaways, and coupons to local retailers.

DryGuy: Founded in 1994 by an avid skier and 20-year veteran of the aerospace industry, DryGuy™ sought to provide a solution to cold & wet extremities often experienced by people who work and play outdoors. While boots and gloves provide the necessary insulation for hands and feet during cold in winter months, they often become water logged and soaked with sweat rendering them uncomfortable and counterproductive. Acquired by Implus in 2014, DryGuy offers wide variety of boot/glove dryers and thermal layering products designed to keep you and your gear comfortably warm and dry in the outdoors.

Yaktrax: Yaktrax® is the ultimate winter solution for people of all walks of life, providing ice traction devices and hand warmers designed to keep you moving. Inspired by a Himalayan Sherpa, the original Yaktrax model features a spikeless coil design that grips the ice and snow with each step. Focused on innovation and quality, we strive to keep you confident and comfortable in any weather. With Yaktrax, nothing will keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Yaktrax was acquired in 2006 by Implus, and has led the market with its Walker and Pro devices since its creation in 2001.

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