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Boston Rebellion US Cup Coming in July

Jun 02, 2016

With under 100 days to go until the Olympic games in Rio, one of the most exciting Olympic sporting events will descend on the Boston area this coming July 30 and 31.  

The Boston Rebellion US CUP p/b Ridebiker Alliance will be one of the single largest professional mountain bike racing events to take place in North America in 2016. Over 400 professional men and women riders will take to the trails at Adams Farm in Walpole to give Boston a taste of this high speed rough and tumble sport. "It is incredibly exciting, perhaps the most exciting Olympic sport there is," says event organizer Martin Allen. "You have over a hundred cyclists pushing and shoving to gain position on narrow trails in the forest. They are going over jumps, getting dirty, and pushing themselves incredibly hard to the point of exhaustion for almost two hours. You really have to see it in person."

"I'm super excited that in just a few years the event grew into an international event with a great expo. There's not many events in the Boston area where you can watch Olympians compete for free while enjoying food trucks and a beer garden," says competition director Pete MacLeod.  Also on tap for the weekend is a trail running race for local athletes and a round of the Kenda Cup East mountain bike racing series which travels throughout New England each summer. The series is where local pros and amateurs can compete against one another to determine who are the best mountain bikers in the Northeast. "It's been great to be one of a few races to bring both the cycling and running communities together in one event. There's something for everyone," he says.  

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