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Chesapeake Fencing Club En Garde for Fenceathon 17

Oct 20, 2016

The Chesapeake Fencing Club will present Fence-A-Thon 17, CFC's annual all-day fencing marathon, on Saturday, Oct. 22nd at the headquarters of the Chesapeake Fencing Club, 201 Homeland Avenue off Charles Street.

Check-in & registration are at 9 am. Fencing will start at 9:30 am and continue well into the afternoon, concluding before sunset. For fencers who are putting in a full day, the club will be ordering pizza for lunch at approximately 12 noon. Registration packets will be available at the club and on-line at

Pre-register early and receive a free commemorative tee-shirt with logo created by Crowolf Design. Checks are payable to "Chesapeake Fencing Club."

Registration fee is $40. Visit for details.

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