Sports Event for Girls Planned for Winnipeg

7 Sep, 2017

The Founders of the Fitness Journal for Girls (Andrea Katz and Allison Gervais) have teamed up with Paige Zaporzan, Holistic Health Coach, to offer an event for girls ages 5 – 17, the Girls Empowerment Event 2. Taking place on September 24, the event will focus on helping girls in Winnipeg build up their confidence, self-esteem and overall strength at an impressionable age.  

After a successful first event in June this year, event organizers saw that they were truly filling a need that parents and daughters crave. 

“My stepdaughter loved the event! She thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of it. I particularly liked the emphasis on positive and realistic self-talk and evaluation and goal-setting, as there is not much emphasis on these things in the public schools. The idea that all things are possible when you have a plan, and that great things are accomplished in small steps is empowering, and she really seemed to grasp this. Thank you for a wonderful event!” said one parent. 

Held at The Yoga Barre (6640 Roblin Blvd), girls ages 5 – 17 will have an opportunity to come together in a community setting to have a half day event centered around empowerment of themselves in Winnipeg. Sessions include a yoga class, kickboxing, a goal setting session and a confidence building session that will focus on helping them understand what it means to be confident, why it is important and how they can become the most confident version of themselves. 

Girls in Winnipeg are up to six times more likely to drop out of sport than are boys by the age of 15. Research shows that sport provides girls with life skills that carry through into adulthood including how to deal with failure and success, communication, team building skills and leadership skills. The organizers of this event believe that every girl deserves a chance to thrive in sport and in life. This event aims to help girls understand how valuable they are, their strengths and help them feel more confident in an authentic way. 

The Girls Empowerment Event aims to celebrate girls, inspire them in a healthy, positive way for their mind, body and spirits. There are limited tickets available to this event, and can be purchased here on EventBrite.

Event Details:
Date: September 24, 2017, 12 – 3pm
Location: The Yoga Barre
Ages: 5 – 17
Cost: $21 per person  

For more information or to arrange an interview about the Girls Empowerment Event 2, please contact Andrea Katz at 204.770.2203 or via email at


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