Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Melissa Sowers

Events Coordinator

1513 East Fulton Terrace
Garden City, Kansas 67846
Phone : 620-276-0607
Toll-free : N/A
Fax : N/A
Email : MSowers@FinneyCountyCVB.com
Website : www.VisitGCK.com

About Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Garden City is home to world class boxers such as Victor Ortiz & Brandon Rios. Garden City has a strong background in wrestling and the best Golf Courses in Southwest Kansas and is very supportive of sporting events and always excited to invite new events/promoters to the area. Garden City is easy to navigate, has a vast array of team friendly accommodations, access to a major airline and several genres of restaurants. For more information visit www.finneycountycvb.com


With Youth in the Game, Golf is on Course to Grow

Article | March 29, 2018

Here’s a surprising piece of news: Millennials are crazy about golf. The generation supposedly bonded to their smartphones is now overtaking all... more >>

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