ISSA World Series Coming to Rockford

28 Jul, 2013

Planning for the ISSA World Championships at Rockford, IL is in full swing.  The ISSA staff has met with local officials and they are very excited to have this National Championship in their City and look forward to holding the event there for years to come. 

The event will be held Aug. 9-11. A full schedule is available by clicking here.

With seven adult size fields (300 foot fences) the ISSA will be able to provide the participating teams a full weekend of challenging games at this first-year event.  Teams will play a minimum of six games beginning Friday (two preliminary games, a minimum of two games in the Rockford Challenge then a double elimination tournament to win the World Championship.)  The awards package will include 1) team sponsor awards for the top three teams in each division, 2) individual awards to the players on the top three teams in each division, 3) one to five All-World awards to the selections from all participating teams (depending on order of finish), 3) other special awards such as Manager of the Year, MVP and Outstanding Offensive and Defensive Players in each division and 4) special team awards for the Rockford Challenge competition. 

The ISSA World Championships-Central at Rockford is a "ring option" tournament.  Players on the winning teams in each division can purchase a special design ring from Jostens.

All the participating teams at Rockford will be awarded a berth in the 2014 ISF/ISSA World Tournament of Champions to be held in the Tampa Bay region on January 24-26, 2014.

Teams wishing to enter this new ISSA tournament should submit their online Entry Form now.  The Entry Form can be accessed on the ISSA Website at by clicking on the tournament and finding the Entry Form.  If anyone has questions about the tournament they should contact Greg Thomas at 571-220-0158 or call the ISSA Office.  The tournament Fact Sheet and Hotel Information are posted on the Website. The ISSA is glad to be able to partner with the City of Rockford to bring a National Championship tournament to the senior softball players in that part of the World.   Masters teams (35+ and 40+) are also invited to participate.

Rockford will provide a hot continental breakfast on Friday morning at 9:00am at the Sportscore 1 Complex (in the Office and Soccer Center Dining Room).  Games will get underway at 11:00am with the older divisions and the 50s and 55s will play later in the day.  Photos of the facilities are posted on the Website home page.  


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