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New Initiative for Quad Citizens to Support Tourism Growth

Jul 05, 2021

Visit Quad Cities, the region’s official Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO), officially launches its new Bring It QC initiative today.  The program is designed to connect Quad Citizens with the Visit Quad Cities team to identify potential new meetings, events, conventions, and conferences that could be held in the Quad Cities regional destination.


Many Quad Citizens travel out of town to attend conferences, professional association meetings, competitions, youth sports events, reunions, hobby and consumer shows, and competitions.  Visit Quad Cities wants to engage with area residents to bring new opportunities to the community and has created  This new platform allows residents to submit qualified suggestions as we team up to potentially increase new business opportunities for the region.


The Quad Cities hosts hundreds of meetings, conferences, trade shows, military and family reunions, festivals & special events, and sports events of all sizes every year.  These events generate a positive economic impact through non-resident revenues and help to employ 8,270 local residents in the tourism and hospitality industry.  Through Visit Quad Cities’ continued sales & marketing efforts and maximizing its existing industry-wide database, the DMMO is always looking to increase business relationships that create value for the destination.


Bring It QC provides another way for Visit Quad Cities to identify new business and lead generation opportunities to have an even bigger impact on our local economy and quality of life initiatives.


“Tourism empowers people and communities, and creates business opportunities we all need for success,” said Dave Herrell, President and CEO, Visit Quad Cities.  “Our ask and call to action for Quad Citizens is to join us in this effort as we position the market for the long-term.  Visit Quad Cities is constantly looking at opportunities that drive prosperity, value, and quality of place.  Broadening the team that can help us identify new relationships, qualified leads, and demand generators must be a shared community goal and value.  Leisure travel will rebound quicker but we must keep a laser-focused approach on developing B2B.”


Tourism is critical to our regional visitor economy and supports small businesses, jobs, important public services and quality of life amenities.  Pre-pandemic in 2019, Quad Cities’ visitor expenditures were at a record high of $954 million. 


According to research completed for the Tourism Master Plan, 93% of Quad Citizens feel that tourism has a positive impact on this region and 83% of residents are likely to encourage friends and family to visit.  You can help play a part in growing tourism, just go to and join the effort to assist Visit Quad Cities achieve its goals and fulfill its mission.


About Visit Quad Cities

Founded in 1990, Visit Quad Cities is the official Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO) for the region.  Visit Quad Cities is a private 501(c)(6) non-profit engine charged with driving economic opportunity through tourism, building our authentic brand, telling & selling the Quad Cities story, and enhancing Quad Citizens’ quality of life and quality of place.   

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