Palm Beach County Sports Commission Scores A Record Year For Sports Tourism

23 Oct, 2017

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission’s portfolio of sports events created a record-breaking year for sports tourism in The Palm Beaches. The Palm Beach County Sports Commission hosted 162 sporting events, which produced 222,528 room nights derived from hotels, motels, and vacation rentals in Palm Beach County.  Sports-related room nights experienced a 9% increase, year over year.  Sports related room nights in Palm Beach County grew by 21% (38,632 room nights) over the last two years and by 35% (57,346) over the last five years. 

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission’s portfolio of 162 events represents more than 40 different sports.  This demonstrates the diverse sports facilities and venues of Palm Beach County.

In addition to room nights, the 162 sports events created a tremendous level of visitor spending.  In total, sports tourism generating events contributed to well over $300 million of direct visitor spending for The Palm Beaches.  

The Sports Commission markets the County as a sports destination and recruits, develops, and supports sports events and activities that enhance economic impact, stimulates bed tax revenues, and maximizes utilization of County facilities. 

The Commission offers a wide range of services to event organizers, which includes pre-event planning, operational and logistical support, facility coordination, marketing and public relations, volunteer recruitment, hospitality management, and sourcing of in-kind partnerships and sponsorships.  For more information on the Palm Beach County Sports Commission, visit www.palmbeachsports.com.


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