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WOR Announces Competition in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Nov 06, 2013

The  World Outdoor Racquetball Association (WOR) has announced that registration is open for its regional competition, the Treasure Coast Turkey Shootout, to be held November 23-24 at Sandhill Crane Park in Port Saint Lucie FL.

According to WOR, the event is an anomaly in racquetball competition because it includes both indoor and outdoor facilities hosting competitive events on a regional level.

Full information on the tournament is available at the Facebook Page for WOR

The indoor and outdoor facilities are just 1 1/2 miles from each other. Information on indoor divisions is available from this site

Information on outdoor sports is available at this site

All outdoor divisions will be in Round-Robin or Pool Play format, and will end on the same day they start.

Saturday schedule will include singles, mixed doubles, age doubles and first-timer divisions. Sunday Schedule will include all skill doubles. First timers division is discounted by $10. WOR is offering new player incentives including discounts, partner match-ups and more.

About WOR: The mission of WOR is to organize and unite all factions of Outdoor Racquetball under one association that will promote and govern the outdoor game. WOR will work to bring outdoor players throughout the world into the mainstream of racquetball through affiliation with the US Racquetball Association. WOR and the outdoor game will be an important vehicle in the promotion and overall growth of the sport of racquetball.

Company Overview:World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR) is the parallel universe to the traditional sport of racquetball played by millions in clubs throughout the country. The rules are the same, the racquets and ball are the same, but the attitude and action take this variation of the sport to a whole new level. Sunglasses replace eye guards, hats replace headbands, and shirts are optional - sunscreen is one of the most valuable commodities in your bag!

The top players in the outdoor game are equally skilled to the best indoor players and International Racquetball Tour professionals are frequently found struggling with the nuances of playing outside and losing matches out in the sun and heat.

Tournaments held in the fresh air and bright sunshine take on a whole new atmosphere; generally more social and party-like, often part of larger outdoor festivals or events, but always competitive on the court. The speed and the power of the game played on the hardest of walls and floors, the athleticism of the players (yes, they still dive for balls on the concrete), and the opportunity to hit a killshot from 50 feet away make WOR events unlike any the traditional indoor player or spectator has ever seen. 

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