Palm Beach County to Host Two Major Lacrosse Events for Next Three Years

27 Mar, 2019

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission announced that they have been selected to host the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) Annual Meeting and Presidents Cup Tournament for the next three years (2019-2021).

The IWLCA Presidents Cup will take place this November at the International Polo Club and Village Park in Wellington, FL. The Presidents Cup is projected to  field over  380 teams consisting of 6,840 athletes, 760 team coaches and 10,260 projected spectators from across the U.S. The Presidents Cup is strictly a high school age tournament. Participating teams will contend for titles in the high school freshman division (14), sophomore division (ages 15-16), the high school junior division (ages 16-17), the high school senior division (ages 17-18) and the open division (ages 15-18). Almost 1,000 lacrosse games will take place over a three day span. Each team will be guaranteed to play a minimum of four (4) games. "The IWLCA Presidents Cup and Annual Meeting is the largest lacrosse tournament on the globe and we are thrilled to claim Palm Beach County and the International Polo Club as home for the next three years," stated George Linley, Executive Director of Palm Beach County Sports Commission. 

The IWLCA is a membership-led nonprofit association representing the nation's intercollegiate women's lacrosse coaches of Division I, II, & III of the NCAA. The IWLCA has strategically combined its Annual Coaches Meeting and the Presidents Cup to create a dynamic lacrosse showcase and recruiting environment which will ultimately grow the number of college coaches and lacrosse teams that will participate.

About IWLCA: The IWLCA is a membership-led nonprofit association representing the nation’s intercollegiate women’s lacrosse coaches within Division I, II & III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and coaches association with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The mission of the IWLCA is to cultivate growth and promote excellence in intercollegiate women’s lacrosse. The IWLCA hosts five (5) recruiting tournaments annually, including the Presidents Cup.  The Presidents Cup is the largest lacrosse tournament that takes place annually in the United States. The IWLCA headquarters is located in Grand Lake, Colorado.

About PBCSC: About Palm Beach County Sports Commission: The Palm Beach County Sports Commission is a private, not-for-profit organization contracted by Palm Beach County to promote and market the County as a sports tourism destination. The Commission brings sporting events and activities to the County, enhances economic impact, stimulates bed tax revenues (primarily in the off-season), and maximizes utilization of County facilities. The Commission offers a full range of event service support, corporate partnerships, sponsorships and a local membership program that support its goals. Local, regional, national and international marketing efforts are ongoing by the Commission with sports organizations and event owners. The Commission also produces sports-related programs for the residents of Palm Beach County including the annual Lou Groza Award program, the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame and the Kids Fitness Festival of the Palm Beaches. For more information on the Palm Beach County Sports Commission, go to www.palmbeachsports.com.


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