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Disney to Host U.S. National Jump Rope Championship

Jul 21, 2014

USA Jump Rope, the national governing body for competitive jump roping, has listed its dates for the U.S. National Jump Rope Championship/Gold Rush Classic.

The event will be held June 29-July 2, 2015, at Walt Disney World, Kissimmee, FL               .

Information, as soon as it becomes available, will be carried on the website page

About USA Jump Rope: USA Jump Rope (USAJR) was formed on October 1, 1995 as a result of the merger of two national jump rope organizations (IRSO and WRSF). USAJR is an organization committed to the exchange and sharing of jump rope knowledge and experience. The organization offers a wide variety of information about jump rope to its members, coaches and physical educators through its books, video tapes, the Internet and other resources.

USAJR also offers unique experiences and educational opportunities through its sanctioned jump rope workshops, camps, seminars and tournaments at the state, regional and national levels.

USA Jump Rope promotes healthy lifestyles and creates competitive opportunities through the sport of Jump Rope.

Promote physical fitness through jump rope as a life-time sport.
Foster confidence, discipline, responsibility and leadership.
Be an informational and educational network for jump rope activities and materials.
Regulate standards for terminology and procedures for jump rope competitions.
Provide representation for the sport on the international level.

History: The sport of Jump Rope has received several major boosts in recent decades. Even before the founding of USA Jump Rope, (USAJR,) in 1995, Double Dutch competition was popularized by the American Double Dutch League in the late'70's. Single Rope, Double Dutch, and Long Rope activities were also being developed and taught at camps and workshops throughout the world by members of the International Rope Skipping Organization, (IRSO.) Efforts were being made in the early '90's to promote and standardize Rope Skipping by the World Rope Skipping Federation, (WRSF.)

In an attempt at cooperation between the proponents of the various disciplines within the Jump Rope World, members from several organizations were invited to develop a workable set of rules for a World Invitational Rope Skipping Championship in 1993 and 1994. The resulting dialogue led to the formation of a Planning Committee from IRSO and WRSF to form a national governing body for the sport of Jump Rope. While the USAJR Planning Committee was working towards a merger and a national tournament structure, the leaders of Jump Rope were approached by the Amateur Athletic Union, (AAU,) to participate through Aerobics in the AAU Junior Olympic Games in 1995. This participation evolved into the acceptance of Jump Rope into the AAU Family of Sports. It was also during this time that FISAC, the international body governing Jump Rope was formed and the USA became a founding member.

The Planning Committee met for two years prior to formation and included Jim McCleary, Niki Glover, and Amy Steward. From there twelve people, (six from IRSO and WRSF,) were selected, as the first official board, to construct a new organization. Their purpose was to unify, thereby furthering, the sport of rope skipping, in the United States. They were dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and educating children and adults through unlimited opportunities that the sport of jump rope provides.

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