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PTO Canadian Open Announces Details of Men's Event

Jul 05, 2022

Following on from the unveiling of the women’s athletes at the PTO Canadian Open, Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) has confirmed the male elites lining up for the inaugural US$1 million event.

The top three PTO World Ranked athletes – PTO World #1 Kristian Blummenfelt, PTO World #2 Gustav Iden and PTO World #3 Lionel Sanders – are scheduled to go head-to-head for the first time this season, at the race in Canada, held on July 23-24.

“What a way to start what is going to be the greatest season of all time,” said Lionel Sanders. “Big events, the best athletes and larger prize purses bring people to the table.

“That’s part of what has been the issue in the sport. We’ve been fighting for scraps. What we are doing with the PTO has the potential to bring about a truly golden era for longer distance triathlon – we’ve got the right athletes, a dedicated team and committed investors all behind us.

“This is the beginning of what can become a bona fide professional circuit comparable to other sports.”

The PTO Canadian Open men’s line-up includes:

  • Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR)
  • Gustav Iden (NOR)
  • Lionel Sanders (CAN)
  • Daniel Baekkegard (DNK)
  • Patrick Lange (GER)
  • Magnus Elbæk Ditlev (GER)
  • Joe Skipper (GBR)
  • Jackson Laundry (CAN)
  • Ben Kanute (USA)
  • Sam Laidlow (FRA)
  • Rudy Von Berg (USA)
  • Matt Hanson (USA)
  • Kristian Hogenhaug (DNK)
  • Samuel Appleton (AUS)
  • Kyle Smith (NZL)
  • Jason West (USA)
  • Frederic Funk (GER)
  • David McNamee (GBR)
  • Matt Trautman (ZAF)
  • Sebastian Kienle (GER)
  • Bradley Weiss (ZAF)
  • Bart Aernouts (BEL)
  • Miki Moerck Taagholt (DNK)
  • Collin Chartier (USA)
  • Thomas Steger (AUT)
  • Tim Van Berkel (AUS)
  • Filipe Azevedo (PRT)
  • Andrew Starykowicz (USA)
  • Clement Mignon (FRA)
  • Pablo Dapena Gonzalez (ESP)
  • Eric Lagerstrom (USA)

In addition to the top professionals competing for a US$1 million prize purse, the PTO Canadian Open is the final event to determine automatic qualifying spots for The Collins Cup teams, with 10% PTO Bonus points available.

PTO CEO Sam Renouf said “When the athletes were first setting up the PTO, the ambition was very simple. They wanted to have the world’s best triathletes racing head-to-head on the biggest stages and for the proper prize funds, and that is exactly what the fans want to see.

“This world class field and the fact that $1 million is on the line, brings that ambition to life and sparks so many exciting questions and permutations. We also believe it gives us the perfect vehicle to start to share our amazing athletes’ exploits and rivalries with broader sports fans who are perhaps getting to experience our sport for the first time.”

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