Ojai Tennis Tournament Announced

31 Mar, 2014

More than 1,500 Players, 112 Courts to be Involved

The Ojai Tennis Tournament will be held from April 23-27 at the Ojai Valley Tennis Club.

More than 1,500 players compete annually in The Ojai Tennis Tournament, which uses 112 tennis courts in the Ojai Valley, Ventura, Oxnard and Port Hueneme.

The Ojai will mark its 114th year of play April 23-27. Registration information can be found on the site.

Here are some more tournament facts and important historical dates:

Tournament Facts

  • 500 local volunteers conduct the tournament (no paid staff or organizer)
  • 7,000 Wilson Heavy Duty tennis balls used
  • $120,000 total tournament expenses
  • $84,000 donations received from  major sponsors
  •  $4,000 donations received from local small merchants
  • Significant in-kind services donated from merchants and tennis court owners
  • $17,000 net proceeds contributed to youth tennis programs
  • $35,000 net proceeds contributed to improving public tennis facilities
  •  20 cases of Pixie tangerines served to those playing outside of Ojai Valley
  • More than a ton of oranges used for the orange juice served at Libbey Park in Ojai

 All information is available at the tournament website.


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