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Beast In The West Comes to Placer Valley

Nov 19, 2014
Legendary Tournament Crosses the Rockies for the First Time in December

The widely-known Midwest wrestling tournament is finally coming to the Golden State. On December 6th at Hardwood Palace, kids between 6 and 15, local or otherwise, will be slamming it out in a no-holds-barred beat-down in the name of spectator sport.

Placer Valley Tourism is bringing this hallowed tournament to California for the first time ever. PVT will host Rocky Mountain National Events (RMN), and has been working closely Ed Gutierrez, the director of events for RMN. PVT will keep the sports event world plugged as the tournament date approaches, leaking more news as it becomes relevant.

Those who are interested in the more technical information, such as the scheduling or sign up process, click here for more information.

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