Phoenix to Host WNBA All-Star Game

14 May, 2014

US Airways Center is hosting the WNBA All-Star Game this summer for the second time, on Saturday, July 19 at 12:30 p.m. In addition to Saturday’s game, patrons can enjoy a FanFest at CityScape on Friday, July 18, that will include a wave/surf machine set up on the splash pad area running through the evening. Phoenix also hosted the WNBA All-Star game in 2000, when Tina Thompson was chosen MVP after scoring 13 points and grabbing 11 rebounds while leading the Western Conference to a 73-61 victory. Prepare for another epic showdown at US Airways Center this summer.

On its 365th day of operation, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton marked the PHX Sky Train’s first full year by leading a hard-hat tour of the future Terminal 3 Station. The tour marked the start of an extensive testing period for the newest stage of the project as it prepared for opening in early 2015. The next stage of the project will serve Terminal 3 with a walkway to Terminal 2, meaning all Airport terminals will be served by the automated train. The first stage of the PHX Sky Train connects Terminal 4, East Economy Parking and the regional Valley Metro light rail system. The PHX Sky Train offers amenities such as boarding pass kiosks, Early Bag Check and pet parks. The train is free to use.

About Visit Phoenix: Things are different in the desert. The sky is bigger. The stars are brighter. The sunsets stop you in your tracks.

It’s a feeling that can’t be conjured, landscaped or kindled with twinkling bulbs. John Ford knew that. So did Frank Lloyd Wright. Come to Greater Phoenix and you’ll understand, too.

America’s sixth-largest city still has real cowboys and rugged mountains and the kind of cactus most people see only in cartoons. Phoenix is the gateway to the Grand Canyon, and its history is a testament to the spirit of puebloans, ranchers, miners and visionaries.

Projected against this rich backdrop is a panorama of urban sophistication: Resorts and spas that drop jaws and soothe souls. Stadiums and arenas worthy of the world’s biggest sports spectacles. Restaurants with inspired cuisine and inspiring patio views. Golf courses that beckon players the year round. Shopping centers as stylish and eclectic as the fashions they house.

This is Greater Phoenix — Arizona’s urban heart and America’s sunniest metropolis. Go to the website for more information. 


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