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MLP Mesa Full Match Schedule Revealed

Jan 25, 2023

With one day left until MLP Mesa from January 26th - 29th, the schedule has been released. Given the expansion to twenty-four teams, we’ve got you covered with a summary of the new gameplay format followed by a breakout of both Challenger and Premier Level schedules. To learn more about our new league structure and view all of our team lineups we encourage you to head over to the newly created League Section of our site.



The format of play, including group play and single-elimination (knockout) rounds, will be determined by MLP. Typically, there will be initial group/pool play followed by a single-elimination format. MLP may adjust the format for scheduling purposes, broadcasting purposes, inclement weather, or other reasons, at the sole discretion of MLP.


Both the Challenger Level and Premier Level will consist of three (3) groups of four (4) teams. A team will play against the other three (3) teams in their bracket. At the end of group play, the top two (2) teams from each group advance to the knockout rounds.

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