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FISE Unveils 2018 Tour, Will Make Stop in Edmonton, Alberta

May 08, 2018

Last year was a monumental year for FISE as it celebrated its 20th anniversary as an action sports company. Organizers note, “Over that time, we have had more than 1 million people attend FISE events. Every year we have grown and expanded in line with the popularity of Action Sports, introducing new sports and locations every season. True to the spirit of FISE our events continue to feature both amateur and professional athletes and are always free for all to attend.”

Events for 2018 kicked off in Hiroshima, Japan, in April and will move to Montpellier, France, May 9-13. Other stops include Budapest, Hungary (Sept. 7-9) and Chengdu, China (November 2-4). It’s in the summer prior, however, that the tour will make a stop closer to home.

From July 13—15, the tour returns to Edmonton, Canada for the third year running with a new summer date, new location (in the heart of downtown) and a new line up of sports. The event will feature the UCI BMX Freestyle Park & Flatland World Cups, Skateboard Street competitions and more.

FISE has teamed up with several International Federations, so each stop will host their official World Cup! We have partnered with the UCI for the third year to bring spectators the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup, alongside a brand-new event the UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup. It continues to be the home of the FIG Parkour World Cup and World Skate Roller Freestyle World Cup which always excites and surprises. The edition of these cups has raised the stakes for athletes even further and helped cement the tours position as the most anticipated competition for all action sports enthusiasts.

FISE World Series is presented by Hurricane Events. Hurricane is a group which specializes in urban sports, offering global expertise in all aspects of event management, communication, and infrastructure provision.

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