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USA Team Handball Plans Summer Handball Festival

Mar 11, 2014
Event to be Held in Auburn, Alabama, in July

USA Team Handball announced a new summer handball festival under the Regional Coaching System initiative.

Taking place at Auburn, Ala. on July 7-14, the 2014 Summer Handball Festival will serve as the direct extension and culmination of annual regional developmental efforts. Held at the home of USATH's Residency Program at Auburn University, the annual festival will provide high aptitude athletes and their coaches with a truly unique opportunity to meet for a week-long residency type experience. Athletes will compete, learn, and train from each other while being evaluated under the leadership of USATH National Team head coaches and staff.

It is expected that each regional team bring one junior pair of referees. The referees will enter an exclusive fast-track training regimen to prepare for future USATH and Pan American Team Handball Federation level coursework, examinations, and nominations to officiate both domestic and international competitions. Our National Referee Committee members will be on staff to direct those specific activities and evaluate candidate performances during the planned round-robin tournament.

Interested athletes and young referee candidates (17-22 years old) should, based on their state residency, directly contact their respective regional coaches for full details. Email contact information for our coaches will be posted on USATH's website under the USATH Teams section.

USA Team Handball is currently accepting unique proposals from prospective business partners to make the Summer Handball Festival a future marquee and flagship event in the Southern US and beyond. Interested individuals and entities are encouraged to make their inquiries to USATH Chief Executive Officer, Matt Van Houten at

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