New Sports, Disciplines Added to World Games for 2022

23 Dec, 2020

Parkour and breaking are among six new disciplines to have been added to the program for the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

The official sports program includes 30 sports, 54 disciplines and 207 medal events.

Drone racing, canoe marathon, breaking, women’s fistball, parkour and men's lacrosse have been added to the program as new disciplines. Women's lacrosse is set to feature at the Games for the first time since 2017, while softball and racquetball, last included in 2013, are also returning to the event. 

There was a delay in confirming the official program due to the postponement of the World Games from 2021. Birmingham is now scheduled to host the competition from July 7 to 17 2022 as the original dates in 2021 were set to clash with the rearranged Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

"The official sports had already been ratified and announced during SportAccord 2018, but following the coronavirus-related postponement, we had to be sure that all venues, accommodation and service partners secured for the events in 2021 were available in 2022 as well," said World Games head of services Sebastian Garvens.

"Two years ahead of The World Games 2022 Birmingham Opening Ceremony, I’m excited that we can announce the overall gender-balanced events program for our member federations, featuring new disciplines, extended mixed-gender competitions and innovative formats such as six-a-side lacrosse, drone racing, mixed-gender tug of war, breaking and parkour."

The World Games is a multi-sport event for disciplines not on the Olympic program and is held every four years. There is some crossover with the Olympics, however, with sports such as karate, sport climbing and softball featuring at both events. Breaking is also due to make its Olympic debut at Paris 2024. 

There will now be two major multi-sport events in places called Birmingham in 2022, as that year's Commonwealth Games will take place in the English city of the same name. 


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