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Destination | October 14, 2021
Bring Your Sporting Event to Cabarrus County, NC   

Cabarrus County is renowned for auto racing, but also includes top-of-the-line indoor and outdoor venues for competition of all kinds. More>>

Article | October 7, 2021
Seed Money: Grass Seed Shortage, Inflation Hurting Fields, Golf Courses   

There’s a shortage out there and it’s not toilet paper. It’s grass seed, something needed for facilities like golf courses and sports fields.... More>>

News | October 1, 2021
Maine Sports Commission Shares Fall Calendar of Events   

From Ultimate to track to trails to... a plane pull, Maine has a full season of sports cued up and ready to go. More>>

Article | September 4, 2021
New Homes for Visiting Teams   

The year 2020 pushed us outside our comfort zone, including making us rethink our choice of locations for events. The good news is that there are... More>>

News | August 31, 2021
Construction Underway on P3R Track & Field Complex   

Construction has begun at the future P3R Track & Field located at Robert Morris’ Island Sports Center, starting with resurfacing of the track. More>>

Article | August 24, 2021
Up for Bid: Three NAIA Championships   

Who’s ready to take a great big running leap right back into the bidding and hosting pool? NAIA has three (count ‘em: three!) RFPs open now.... More>>

News | August 24, 2021
CIAA Announces New Collaboration with Richmond Region   

The CIAA will bring a trio of spring championships to the Richmond region beginning in 2022. More>>

News | August 13, 2021
Aurora to Host NIRCA's 2022 Great Plains Regional   

Aurora will host National Intercollegiate Running Club's Great Plains Regional on the Northwestern Medicine Cross Country Course. More>>

Article | July 30, 2021
Olympic Gymnasts Serving Notice: College Cuts Mean Fewer Medals   

Athletes in men’s gymnastics – a top-ten-most-watched Olympic sport – have a message for TV viewers: the U.S. national teams in these sports... More>>

News | July 28, 2021
AAU Junior Olympics Returning to Texas   

The AAU Junior Olympics, the largest national multi-sport event for youth in the United States, is back in Texas this summer. More>>

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