| October 3, 2016
USA Cycling, OBRA to Recognize Corresponding Categories   

USA Cycling and the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) announced collaboration to offer category reciprocity between the two organizations. More>>

Paddle Palace
News | September 29, 2016
Competitive Table Tennis Facility to Open this Weekend   

Table tennis gains another competitive facility in the U.S. as the Paddle Palace in Trigard, Oregon, hosts its grand opening this weekend. More>>

Article | September 27, 2016
West by Southwest: Great Venues and Agreeable Climates Offer Advantages for Every Sport   

When regions offer great connectivity and A-plus opportunities for sports, they’re worth checking out. The Southwest and Pacific regions of the... More>>

Article | September 27, 2016
Outstanding Venues: New Home Bases for Innovative Events   

When an event owner is looking for a new home for his or her tournament, the question is bound to arise: with so many great facilities available, how... More>>

Article | September 26, 2016
New Programs to Help Keep the Spin on an Olympic Cycle   

As USA Cycling comes off a highly successful summer Olympics, it is a good time not only to reflect on cycling medals won (in BMX, women’s track... More>>

News | September 26, 2016
USA Gymnastics Announces Locations for Junior Olympics   

USA Gymnastics has selected the sites for 2017’s three Junior Olympic championship events for women’s gymnastics. More>>

News | August 12, 2016
Oracle ITA Junior Masters to be Presented in 12 Cities   

The inaugural Oracle ITA Junior Masters regional tournaments are scheduled for 12 sites around the United States. More>>

News | August 11, 2016
World’s Largest Beach Volleyball Tournament Announces Details   

The World’s Largest Beach Volleyball Tournament is on track for another great year with more than 1500 teams anticipated. More>>

News | August 3, 2016
World Gay Soccer Championships to be Held in Portland   

The 2016 International Gay and Lesbian Football Association World Championship will be held in Portland from August 6 to 13. More>>

Article | July 21, 2016
Peak Competition for Combat Sports   

One of civilization’s oldest forms of competition, combat sports, come in a variety of forms. Martial arts, wrestling and boxing offer some general... More>>

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