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High Point Hosts USHA National Hydrofoiling Championships at Oak Hollow Lake, July 20-22, 2012

8 Jun, 2012

By: Sports Destination Management Team

High Point, NC – For the first time in High Point and North Carolina the United States Hydrofoil Association National Championships will be held. At Oak Hollow Lake top riders from across the nation and around the world will compete in a multi-day / multi-event competition biding to prove who is “the best of the best.” Competitors from age 6-60 will compete in a series of 3 events including 3-Trick, Free Ride and the crowd favorite, Big Air. Points will be awarded per event and riders with the most total points will be crowned national champion of their division.

Hydrofoiling is a sit down water ski capable of reaching heights of 20 feet in the air where riders perform series of flips, spins and combinations of each! A hydrofoil is an aluminum airplane–like fuselage with front and rear wings. A 40 inch strut connects the wings and fuselage to a ski in which the rider is securely strapped into a seating position. The rider and ski are then towed behind a boat at speeds ranging from 18-28 mph.

One competitor of interest is High Point native Shannon Pope. Raised in High Point, Pope currently living in Wake Forest says “I have fallen in love with hydrofoiling and have been riding for approximately nine years. I am excited and looking forward to the opportunity to compete in my hometown”.

Many riders, including Pope, will put on an exhibition during the Annual Uncle Sam Jam, July 4th- Fireworks Celebration at Oak Hollow Festival Park. Two weeks later, the full list of competitors will arrive to throw down!

Spectators will enjoy what should be total entertainment for the entire family.
Like NASCAR, crashes are every bit as fun to watch as the difficult tricks. There will be demos, vendors, refreshments, and chances to learn all about the sport. Hydrofoiling is extreme… extremely fun and an experience like you’ve never witnessed before! For additional information, please visit www.ushanationals.com.


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