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November/December 2014
November/December 2014

Where are some of the most exciting developments in our industry occurring? At the intersection of sports and technology. The November/December issue of Sports Destination Management has all the details. For example, what can mobile apps do for your event and how do you go about implementing them? Our article can help you get started.

Technology is also extending its reach into the merchandising and promotional industry – sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. This issue can help you stay on top of the trends. And don’t forget the excellent article with tips on negotiating hotel contracts, aimed at helping first-time planners walk away from the table feeling like a winner.

Sports event planning now goes beyond the diamond, the court and the field, and should always include a template for action if your event should have to shift suddenly into crisis mode. How can you develop this plan and what resources are available to you? You’ll find out in this issue.

Our November/December issue also has the inside track on the evolution and rise of fitness competitions. These competitions are muscling their way out of membership gyms and evolving into multi-day events held at larger venues capable of hosting elite athletes, spectators, media and more.

With safety concerns on the rise, it’s no wonder that touch football is gaining ground. Our Executive Insights article has information on adult and children’s programming in this sector of the sport.

This issue also has the outstanding content you’ve come to expect on sports, their growth and what planners need to know. You’ll learn about equestrian sports and rodeo, volleyball and tennis facilities, plus a collection at some of the best sports venues across the United States.

Learning starts now. Turn the page to get started.

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Mobile Apps in Sports Event Planning

Destination Spotlight
The Famously Hot Sports Scene of Columbia, South Carolina
‘Do It All’ in Deschutes, Oregon
Welcome to Nampa: Idaho’s Hidden Sports Gem

Executive Insights
United States Flag & Touch Football League (USFTL)

Industry Leadership
Outstanding Venues: Build the Perfect Event from the Ground Up

Multi-Sport Multi-Discipline Review
A New Era for Equine Events

Communicating in a Crisis: Predict, Prepare and Protect

Regional Focus
The Heartland: The New Go-To for Sports

Service Solutions
Negotiating With Hotels: Meeting in the Middle and Coming Out with a Win

Sports Facilities
Hitting A Winner With Outstanding Facilities Across the U.S. – and More to Come – Tennis is Serving Up an Ace

Sports Landscape
Volleyball Serves Up Winning Combinations

Sports Outlook
The Granite Games: An Inside Look Into the Growth of the Fitness Competition


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