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January/February 2013
January/February 2013

We're starting a new year, and health clubs are filling up with what has become known as 'the resolution crowd.' A lot of resolutions have to do with people making a commitment to a new and healthful trend in their lives. And when it comes right down to it, the landscape of sports is all about keeping tabs on emerging trends. In fact, we've dedicated this issue of Sports Destination Management to what we see as some of those important changes.


Take, for instance, the increasing number of events being planned for athletes with special needs. If you haven't planned one of these yet, chances are, you'll be doing it very soon. Get yourself prepared now, and your facilities will be not simply wheelchair-friendly, but everyone-friendly. In addition, we'll be looking at the importance of working with authorities to get permits for events. As cities, states, parks departments and more become increasingly safety-conscious, it's essential to follow their requirements.


Something else we're seeing a lot of? The multi-tasking, multi-purpose field. Here are ways to keep your athletes and organizers aware of this new trend, and what it can mean for them when they're in the heat of a match. Our sports this time are also on the cutting edge. Rugby is a new addition to the summer Games in 2016. Learn about new player incentives and how to get ready for this exciting new sport. Skateboarding and BMX, always hot, are also featured. And since March Madness is just around the corner, we will be showcasing some facilities that can help make your event a slam-dunk.


Don't miss our features on winter sports, since we're in ice and snow season. Then check out the article on "Emerging Markets." These destinations are moving to the leading edge with new facilities, new initiatives and more. They have what it takes to host your event, and plenty of others. Get ready for the new year starting now.

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