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September/October 2012
September/October 2012

Planning a sports event -- of any type -- demands a number of skills outside of an understanding of our chosen sport. We need to understand negotiations, budgeting, logistics and the intricacies of travel arrangements -- and that's just for starters. One of the great things about this industry the body of knowledge that surrounds us in the presence of our colleagues.


In looking through this issue, I'm reminded of the wide range of expertise out there. Sharing their insights with us in this issue are some of the foremost authorities in safety and security, sports tour management, accommodations and food service and dining, and contract negotiations.


We also have some great sports features, and in those, you'll see your colleagues quoted: articles on softball, paddle sports and gymnastics, as well as a feature on venues in the Southwest.


What are we missing? Your insights. Your expertise. Your input. Let us know what you're interested in, where you work and what you're doing. It might be just what we need for the next issue.


Here at SDM, we're always looking for people to write articles or provide expert opinions. Some are about tried and true topics, some are more trendy or special-interest,. But whatever the topic, we know the experts are out there, and we know they're you.

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Business Development
Safety & Security: Safe, Sorry and Everything in Between: Security at Today's Sporting Events

Managing Sports Tours: Competition or Culture?

Destination Spotlight
Frisco, Texas: Texas' Rising Star
Lubbock, Texas: The Way Above and Beyond
Sioux Falls, South Dakota: “The Heart of America” Stays Ahead of the Sporting Game

Executive Insights
An Interview with Dan Cloppas, CEO, USA Badminton

Multi-Sport Multi-Discipline Review
Gymnastics: The Gold (Medal) Standard

The Advantages of Long-Term Contracts

Regional Focus
The Southwest and Pacific: Something for Everyone

Service Solutions
Food and Dining Options: Feeding the Crowd and Keeping them Happy

Sports Facilities
Softball: Playing the Numbers

Sports Landscape
Paddle Sports: Paddles Away

Sports Outlook
Cycling: A Winning Cycle


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