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May/June 2012
May/June 2012

This summer's Olympic Games in London will put a spotlight on the very best the sporting world has to offer. Athletes might win gold medals and glory, but for our industry, it translates into something a lot more valuable and lasting: increased participation. There is a positive correlation between extensive media coverage of the Olympics and people showing an interest in being more active and taking an interest in a given sport that year or the next. I'm pleased to see the insights this issue gives us into some of the sports the Olympics will offer.


We'll look at some great facilities for soccer, see what it takes to put on a triathlon, and do an in-depth study of track and field (the original contests of these Games). Our Executive Insights focuses on water polo, a personal favorite of mine, as well. And our Perspectives column discusses the economic impact a sports park can have on a community, particularly when it is set up to host a variety of warm weather sports.


As our field becomes more sophisticated, it will require more specialized knowledge, and for that reason, SDM's feature on education and degree programs is especially timely. The Mid-Atlantic region is our focus in this issue, as are some championship fishing venues. One of our guest columnists will also provide us with a look at the way teams can become involved with professional athletes through community service programs.


There's a lot to be gained from this issue, and a lot to be gained from the forthcoming Games. Let's brace for the impact, and look forward to the ripple effect.

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Business Development
Community Service - Partnering with Professional Sports Teams for a Community Service Bonus

Working with Senior Athletes

Destination Spotlight
Conway, Arkansas: Play Smart
Lake Lanier, Georgia: Taking Advantage of the Lake Effect
Colorado Springs, Colorado: America's Olympic Capital
Ocean City, Maryland: A Top Sports Playground by the Sea

Executive Insights
USA Water Polo - An Interview with Claudia Dodson

Industry Leadership
Profiles in Leadership - Behind-the-Scenes

Multi-Sport Multi-Discipline Review
Track & Field - The Big Future of Track and Field

Economic Impact: Building Your Numbers from the Ground Up

Regional Focus
Mid-Atlantic - Something For Everyone

Service Solutions
Education Degree Programs

Special Report
Triathlon - Inside the Sport of Triathlon - Multisport Planning Explained

Sports Facilities
Soccer: Kick It Into High Gear

Sports Landscape
The Fun and Fortune of Fishing


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