News | December 22, 2016
Frozen Four Coming to Chicago   

The Chicago Sports Commission has noted the 2017 NCAA® Men’s Frozen Four® is coming to Chicago from April 6-8. More>>

| November 30, 2016
November 30, 2016   


Article | November 30, 2016
NHL’s Threatened Pullout of the Olympics Could Put Sports Events on Ice in 2018   

There just might be a different face on the Olympic hockey teams in 2018, thanks (or no thanks) to disagreements between the NHL and the IOC. And... More>>

News | November 23, 2016
The World’s Largest Field Hockey Tournament Returns to The Palm Beaches    

The world’s largest field hockey tournament will return to The Palm Beaches this month. More>>

Case study | November 17, 2016
Speedway Village Helps Lincoln Diversify   

Lincoln, Nebraska, is no stranger to growth, and with its newest venue, the Speedway Village Sports Complex, it’s once again making people take... More>>

News | October 11, 2016
Under Armour and Maple Leafs Launch Bantam Hockey Contest   

Under Armour and the Toronto Maple Leafs are giving Bantam hockey teams the chance to“Be The Leafs” for a day at Air Canada Centre. More>>

Article | September 27, 2016
Outstanding Venues: New Home Bases for Innovative Events   

When an event owner is looking for a new home for his or her tournament, the question is bound to arise: with so many great facilities available, how... More>>

Case study | September 27, 2016
Tri-Cities, Washington: A Desert Region in the Pacific Northwest   

A dry desert region in the Pacific Northwest? Get ready for the Tri-Cities region of Washington State to shift your paradigm. The cities of... More>>

Article | September 21, 2016
Getting the Word Out on an Indoor Sport   

Olympic inclusion is a big deal, sure, but one sport is celebrating its first inclusion in a multi-sport event without Olympic rings. It’s... More>>

News | September 16, 2016
Colorado Springs Announces College Hockey Face-Off Event   

Colorado Springs Sports Corp stages its annual College Hockey Face-Off event on Thursday, Sept. 29 at the Colorado Springs Marriott. More>>

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